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“Distance means so little when someone means so much.”

That quote should resonate within the mind and hearts of anyone currently involved in a long-distance relationship. Even if you’re contemplating becoming involved in one, that quote will save you a lot of time, which would have been squandered with doubts and uncertainties.


This quote should replace the frequent mindset that “long distance relationships don’t work” or even “long distance relationships are doomed from the start.”

With that sort of misconception, it’s no wonder why so many people seem to avoid this particular sort of connection all together. The thing is that the high number of failed long distance relationships seems to eclipse the growing number of long distance bonds that succeed.

The key to making sure that your long distance relationship succeeds is simple: hard work.

It takes hard work and consistent effort to maintain the flame of a long-distance connection burning brightly.

Yes, it’s imperative to make regular visits so as to find each other whenever possible without making another person feel smothered. However, that doesn’t mean that you are off-the-clock when it comes to working on your connection in between these face-to-face visits.


Your significant other is looking for the same thing which you are – reassurance. Reassurance that you still feel strongly about them. Reassurance that you are just as involved in making the relationship work as they’re right now. Reassurance that you’re going to do whatever you can to make it work – no matter the odds that claim it is improbable.

Consequently, you need to spend the time, effort and hard work required to provide that reassurance on all levels. Why? Three reasons.

1) Law of Reciprocity: If you do it, odds are that he/she will reciprocate your attempts to provide you with the same level of reassurance.

2) Value, Value, Rat Control: Who does not want to feel valued and appreciated? Putting in the time and effort to make your relationship work – despite the physical distance that separates both – will add value to your own bond and make your significant other feel valued in the identical time. At the end of the day, is not that what you want?

3) True Love is Cultivated over Time: A long distance dating shares a major similarity with a short-distance relationship: true love requires time to develop. An unknown person once said that “true love doesn’t mean being inseparable; it means being separated and nothing changes.” This basically goes back to reassurance – making sure that you and your significant other remain on the same page.

Although a high number of those bonds crash and burn, there are still quite a few who are still flying high in the clouds of love. The difference between crashing and flying is amount of hard work that you put into keeping your connection from the ground.

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