Sofa Table – Popcorn and Soda Not Included

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Console sofa tables, the ones which are usually found flat against the hallway wall or in the living room caddy corner to the tv, are becoming even more popular as our needs as a society become more demanding and our indulgences, more vast. While at one time these pieces of furniture served the primary purpose of complementing the sofa or sofa using a simple collection of shelves of matching design and style, console sofa tables are getting to be much more elaborate. You may order a table made of wood, glass, Rat Poop, marble, you name it. For a very large price, some people are even following the aquatic trend and putting an aquarium inside of theirs. Like all furniture, there are many possibilities so when selecting your new table you must consider not just the table but the area around it. And most of all, what you wish to use it for.

The contemporary console sofa table is now being created to virtually order. While obviously the apparent decisions apply when selecting a console sofa table, such as shelves versus cabinets or glass versus wood, customers now have plenty of different options. Below are listed some of the various console tables of modern times:

Coffee sofa table: This table option has a predetermined space where a small or medium sized coffee machine would match perfectly. Some couch tables come with one included. Also very common is to see the furniture maker supply with the piece a set of coffee cups and various utensils and/or sugar holders.

Media Center Sofa Table: With multimedia becoming so increasingly popular, the makers of sofa tables have stepped up to join the crowds. Many tables are currently being designed fully equipped and constructed to hold many media players like DVD players, CD players, Tuners, and even Nintendo or PlayStation and XBOX games and equipment. Depending on the tables place in the room you can potentially hook all of your gear up to the tv for real ease of use. Operate everything from one portal.

Popcorn sofa table: Some furniture manufacturers have gone so far as to design sofa tables particularly for families who like to enjoy a bowl of popcorn while lounging in front of the tv on the sofa. These tables give ideal nooks to place a microwave behind a cupboard with additional conveniences such as a pull out shelf on wheels for easy access. And while the popcorn is not including, one day it probably will be.

Beverage station sofa table: Similar in concept to the popcorn couch table, the soda table comes either equipped with a built in refrigerator, such as a mini bar, or using a suitable slot for one. Some of the handier tables also come equipped with a dining set with cups and a pair of matching straws. With this latest development of furniture, you won’t ever have to leave the couch!

Books and DVDs: Ultimately, sofa tables are lending themselves toward the storage side of the furniture realm and are being created with designated slots for books, DVDs and CDs. Everything depends on your personal preference.

Face it, the family room is here to stay. Insert a sofa table or console table to give you the space you require.

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